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Team Oklahoma & the National Tournament of Academic Excellence with Team Oklahoma June 14-18

Summer Coaches Conference July 28 & 29 in OKC

Just announced!! NAQT MS Nationals will be in Dallas in 2015! The C of C champions qualify. You can host a qualifying tournament, too. Let's work on qualifying as many Oklahoma teams as possible!


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July 28 & 29 - OAAC Summer Coaches Conference

September 26 - Academic Bowl Registration/Enrollment Due

September 27(tentative) - Fine Arts Tournament for HS and MS

November 6 - November 13 - Crescent Area Central Oklahoma Online TOCQ

November 6 - November 13- Tulsa Area Northeastern Oklahoma Online TOCQ

November 11 or 13, 2014 - Mid Level District tournaments

November 14 - November 22 - First open enrollment Online TOCQ

November 18 or December 2 - UEL District tournaments

December 9 and/or 11- Mid Level Regional tournaments

December 1 - 13 - Silo Area South Central Oklahoma Online TOCQ

January 13 and/or 15 - UEL Regional Tournaments

January 12 - 24 - January Open Online TOCQ

January 12 or 16 - Mid Level Firebird tournaments

January 24, 2015 - Mid Level Area tournaments

January 31, 2015 - HS Oklahoma Regional Science Bowl

February 2 - 14 - Guymon Area Northwest Oklahoma Online TOCQ

February 14 - MS Oklahoma Regional Science Bowl

February 10 - UEL Firebird tournaments

February 16 - February 28 - Hugo Area Southeastern Oklahoma Online TOCQ

February 21 - Challenge of the Champions (ML Championship)

February 24 - ML Phoenix tournaments

February 28 - UEL Area Tournaments

March 1 - April 24- HSTOCQ

March 10 - UEL Phoenix tournaments

March 23 - April 2 - Last Chance Online TOCQ

March 28 - Froshmore Championship

April 11 - Tournament of Champions

May 2 - High School Tournament of Champions

June 13-16 - National Tournament of Academic Excellence

July 27 & 28 - OAAC Summer Coaches Conference



2014-15 Humanities and Fine Arts focus period

Romanticism, Romantic Period, Romantic Era


In Music 1815-1910

Art ~ William Blake, John Constable, Jacques Louis David, Eugene Delacroix, Casper Friedrich, Thomas Gansborough, Theodore Gericault, Francisco Goya, J.M.W. Turner

Literature ~ Jane Austen, William Blake, Lord Byron, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Alexander Dumas, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Victor Hugo, Washington Irving, John Keats, Herman Melville, Edgar Allen Poe

Music ~ Adolphe Adam, Ludwig van Beethoven, Hector Berlioz, Frederic Chopin, Franz Liszt, Felix Mendelssohn, Jacques Offenbach, Niccolo Paganini, Gioachino Rossini, Franz Schubert, Johann Strauss I, Johann Strauss II, Giuseppe Verdi, Richard Wagner,

Dance (during Romantic Era)~ Carlotta Grisi, Arthur Saint-Leon, Jules Perrot, Marie Taglioni, ballet of Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty and The Nutcracker, the Ghost Dance,

Architecture ~ Includes Gothic Revival, Neoclassicism and the very beginning of Art Nouveau. Architects working in this time period include Sir Charles Barry, Benjamin Latrobe, James Renwick, Jr.

Philosophy ~ George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Immanuel Kant, Karl Marx, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, William Wordsworth

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