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The test order for 2013-14 is as follows:

Social Studies - open on November 4, will be due on December 6 and scores will become final on December 20.

Language Arts open on November 4, will be due on January 13 the scores will become final on January 17.

Science open on January 6, will be due on February 3 and scores will become final on February 7.

Humanities and Fine Arts- will open on January 6 will be due on February 17 and scores will become final on February 21. 2013-14 Focus Period covers The High Renaissance

Mathematics - open on January 1, will be due on March 3 and scores will become final on March 7.


The final Sweepstakes totals will post on March 10 and will become final on March 14.

Humanities and Fine Arts Focus Period details:

2013-14 Humanities and Fine Arts focus period

High Renaissance


Art ~ From the later works of Donatello and Fra Angelico through the Ninja turtle artists...

Literature ~ The Guttenberg Bible - Marco Polo's travelogue - Thomas More & Niccolo Machiavelli. Copernicus.

Music ~ lots of church music & hymns. French Chanson. Motets and Italian Madrigal

Dance ~ bassa danze to balletti

Architecture ~ St. Peter's, Capitoline Hill Look for works begun during this period as opposed to those finished. Some construction took over 200 years.

Philosophy ~ Renaissance philosophy spans 1350-1650


Online Access

Both the online team test, Social Studies, and the Silo Area TOCQ will be open for extended days due to so many schools being out for the past few days. New deadline for both is December 20.

Click on your level for a direct link to your competition. You will still need to log in. Click the blue padlock in the top right corner to access the log in dialog.

Once you have finished each subject area fill in the reporting form and hit submit.

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