Logging into the unit.

Select the Unit

Each Unit will have multiple lessons and tests.  A separate enrollment is required for each unit of study.

The enrollment is available here

Test Site Links

Please read all the way through the instructions before you attempt your first log in!

U.S. Presidents

Medieval Europe

Modern Asia

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Music & Dance




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Unit Site

The link will take you to the unit page you selected. This is what the unit page looks like before you log in. This page is where you will use your login information.

Notice the blue lock and word Login in the upper right corner, Click it.


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Logging In

Enter your username and password then click Login. I am going to use a Mangum's log in as an example. 

Once you hit Login you will be taken to a page they call the Dashboard


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study unit4.jpg

If you have enrolled in multiple units, the quiz assignment information for all units will be under Things to Do on the right side. 

Do not take the quiz before you study the lesson.

The study unit is located in a 'room.' Go to the 'room' for the unit you are wishing to study.  The room(s) in which you are enrolled are listed on the left.  IF all of your rooms are not showing up when you first log in, click on the My Rooms link.  It will take you to a page where all of the rooms in which you are enrolled are listed. 

The second screenshot shows the my rooms section listing the unit(s) in which you are enrolled.

The third screen shot shows the unit page, competition page, as before, but this view is after you complete the log in.  The lessons are on the left side.  Also on the left side is a link to the quizzes

The fourth screen shot shows the quick test or quiz page.  Once you have finished the lesson, you may take the quiz.  Some quizzes are over multiple lessons. 



See at the top right where you clicked the log in button it now says the student name (29:58)  The (29:58) is the session timer I referenced in the email.  Each time you change pages it will refresh and reset itself.  Do NOT use that timer to determine how much time is left on the test.  It doesn't work like that. The clock will automatically log you out of the study unit after 30 minutes.

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study unit7.jpg
Getting back to the right spot

Log in - prowl around and Explore the site.  Email, call or text me if you have any questions

IF your session times out, you may end up on a page that looks like the one to the left.

If this happens, select Classic from the blue strip links at the top. Classic will take you to the correct log-in page.

Do not try to login from a page that looks like the one to the left. Log in only from the classic view.