Oklahoma Quiz Bowl Camp

2022 OQBC will be held at Murray State College in Tishomingo.

Mr. Tracey Hickman is the camp director.

Registration is open.

High School Tournament of Champions

2022 HSTOC is May 6 & 7 at Redlands Community College in El Reno.

HSTOC Information

Study Units

October 19, 2020

New Unit coming THIS week - Modern Asia

We currently have two Study Units available for either individuals or for teams.

The units have been prepared by several Quiz Bowl Camp instructors.  They have developed text lectures based on their camp lectures.

Each unit will consist of several short lessons with outside links to maps, videos and additional information.  Each lesson has a 5 question test over the content.

Units Currently available:

Medieval Europe has 15 lessons with a quiz for each unit then a final quiz over all 15 lessons.

US Presidents has a lesson for each president.  There are 23 quizzes.  Some quizzes cover multiple presidents.  There will be a final quiz over all presidents.

In development:

Modern Asia has 22 lessons with a quiz over each lesson and a final over all 22 lessons.

8 units on art, music and literature

Fee Structure

Individual Enrollment = $12 per unit.  This will provide access to all lessons and quizzes. 

Team Enrollment = $20 per unit + $5.00 per student separate quiz access. 

If you choose the team option, you may choose to do the units as a group, taking the test together. $20.

Or you may choose to provide access to your team and have each student test separately.  $20 + $5 per separate quiz access for each student.

Link to enrollment