September 21 - At a glance calendar now updated with 2020-2021 dates

What's going on with Academic Bowl this year??

September 10, 2020

Enrollment for Academic Bowl is now open. AcBo deadline is September 25.

When you enroll, you must choose online, virtual or in person. You will have an opportunity to change your selection in October.  Once competition has started we will stay the course unless the all of the schools assigned to your group or area opts to change. 


For those teams playing in person AcBo, we will have a championship.  It's a long time until February... Put it on your calendar for February 22.  Know that might (probably will) need to make adjustments or change going forward. We'll figure out what's next when we run into an issue.




Online Team Tournaments

September 10, 2020

Enrollment for online team tournaments is now open. The enrollment deadline for online team tournaments is November 1.

What is the difference between online team tournaments and online AcBo?

Online team tournaments are subject specific multiple choice questions.  There are 5 tournaments; math, science, social studies, language arts & literature, and humanities & fine arts.

Online AcBo - will be delivered as fill in the blank mixed subject toss-up bonus questions. It will be a written version of the regular acbo questions.

If you wish, you may enroll in both online team tournaments and online AcBo or online team tournaments and in person AcBo. 

You do not have to choose one or the other.



Study Units

September 10, 2020

We currently have two Study Units available for either individuals or for teams.

The units have been prepared by several Quiz Bowl Camp instructors.  They have developed text lectures based on their camp lectures.

Each unit will consist of several short lessons with outside links to maps, videos and additional information.  Each lesson has a 5 question test over the content.

Units Currently available:

Medieval Europe has 15 lessons with a quiz for each unit then a final quiz over all 15 lessons.

US Presidents has a lesson for each president.  There are 23 quizzes.  Some quizzes cover multiple presidents.  There will be a final quiz over all presidents.

In development:

8 units on art, music and literature

Fee Structure

Individual Enrollment = $12 per unit.  This will provide access to all lessons and quizzes. 

Team Enrollment = $20 per unit + $5.00 per student separate quiz access. 

If you choose the team option, you may choose to do the units as a group, taking the test together. $20.

Or you may choose to provide access to your team and have each student test separately.  $20 + $5 per separate quiz access for each student.

Link to enrollment




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