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Academic Bowl

What is Academic Bowl?

Take your kids and hit the road!

Academic Bowl is a great opportunity to go head to head against your cross county rivals. Academic Bowl gives your students to the opportunity to receive recognition for what they know.
Academic bowl features two teams of four.  Each team may substitute at multiple points during the competition. The OAAC offers Academic Bowl opportunities for students in grades 4-10.
A school may enter multiple teams in any level of academic bowl. A separate entry fee is required for each team.

Competition Questions
Questions for all levels of OAAC academic bowl are based on current curriculum and come from a pool of question writers using 80% current adopted text books & state standards with the remaining 20% coming from general academic bowl and cultural literacy type questions.
The list of who you will play for entered teams will be posted on the OAAC web site on October 14 & 15. A link to the pairing information will be placed on the grade level page (on the left) and emailed to all participants.

Competition Dates
4th Grade AcBo, 5th Grade AcBo, Upper Elementary AcBo, Mid Level AcBo, and Froshmore Series competitions will work within their group once pairings have been made to establish their schedule and locations.

Score Record
Rules, Forms, and Instructions

Each of the buttons will take you to

Rules - A copy of academic bowl rules for the current year.

Score Record - Instructions on using the OAAC Score Record.

Time Instructions - Instructions on how to time a question.

Officials Instructions - A rules flow chart for the moderator/judge.

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