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Logging into the test.

Link to the testing site
Please read all the way through the instructions before attempting your first login.
Your team log in information will be sent directly to you as in an email.  If you do not have it, please check your spam filter for an email from

We use ALCA as our testing host.

Please read the full instructions (below) before you log into ALCA!

Link to ALCA testing site

Competition site

The link will take you to the competition page for the Online Team Tournaments.

Select Login




log in 3.jpg
Logging In

Enter your username and password then click Login.

Once you hit Login you will be taken to a page they call the Dashboard



You will see both assignments and classes. 

Your class is 2023-24 __(level)_______ Online Team Tournament.

If you click on the assignment you will be taken directly to the start of the test. 

If you select class you will see the same assignments with a little additional information.

Practice Tests
la practice.jpg

Your Practice tests are in a class called online team PRACTICE.  They will perform exactly like the assigned tests. 

Your Practice test score will NOT be counted for anything.

The test - Practice or 2023-24 Competition - will not start immediately when you click the assignment. 

Notice there is still a Take Test button to click on the screen.  There is one more Are you Ready screen between this window and the test actually starting

Are you ready screen

This is the last chance to change your mind.

From this screen, you may choose Begin to start the test or exit to go back to the competition assignment page.

Once you hit Begin, you have the allotted time to complete the test.  You will not be able to stop the time.


Reporting Form

Once you have completed each of the current yearCompetition tests, you will fill out a reporting form. Do not fill out a form for the practice tests.


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