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Fifth Grade

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The fifth grade academic bowl competition is two separate round robin tournaments.

The first tournament, Alpha, may be held anytime on or after the second Monday in November and the second tournament, Beta, may be scheduled for the spring semester. Some groups choose to have both the Alpha and Beta tournaments after semester break. Participating schools for each group will make those decisions and serve as host sites.

ENTRY FEE $80 per team - fee covers both tournaments

Team Makeup
The Fifth Grade Academic Bowl is for students in Fifth grade or below.  A younger student may play on a fourth grade team.  Older students may not participate on the fourth grade team.
The tournament will be a round robin tournament with no more than eight teams assigned to any one site.  
The winner of the tournament will be the school with the best win/loss record.  If the win/loss record is tied, the winner will be determined by total points.
Each school will receive access to a digital certificate for personalization and printing.   
A champion and runner-up plaque will be awarded for each tournament.  Eight Champion stickers and eight runner-up stickers will be included for the champion and runner-up team members to put on their certificates.

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