Froshmore Academic Bowl

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Froshmore Academic Bowl is for students in grades 9 & 10.

Teams participate in four tournaments between November 4 through mid-February. All teams participate in all four tournaments.

Each tournament emphasizes a different subject area: mathematics, social studies, science, and humanities & fine arts. The questions will be heavy in the specified area but will also include questions from other subject areas.

Participating schools serve as host sites for the four preliminary tournaments.  A final champions tournament will be held on April 10, 2021. To qualify for the champions tournament a team win one of the four area of concentration tournaments.

Playoff Structure and Competition Dates

All OAAC tournaments are round robin events.

All teams play in all four preliminary tournaments. To qualify for the Froshmore championship a team must either win one of the four preliminary tournaments or if one team wins all four of the preliminary tournaments, have the most second place finishes in that group of schools.

Competition Dates

The mathematics and social studies tournaments are available after November 15, 2020

The science and humanities & fine arts tournaments are available after January 4.

All four tournaments must be completed by February 19, 2021

The Froshmore Championship will be April 10 @ Rose State College in Midwest City.


ENTRY FEE $145 per team - fee covers all tournaments


Team Makeup
Froshmore Mid Level Academic Bowl is for students in the 9th and 10th grade. Younger students may play up but students post-10th grade may not play on a Froshmore Team.

All OAAC tournaments are round robin or modified round robin tournaments. All OAAC tournaments use the OAAC Academic Bowl Rules.

Each school will receive eight OAAC competition certificates. In addition 8 stickers per tournament attended by the team - Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and Humanities & Fine Arts - will be provided to go on the certificates.

If you have more than 8 team members, additional certificates and stickers may be purchased.

Team Champion plaques are given at each of the four subject area tournaments. 

Froshmore Championship 1st - 2nd place team trophies, coaches awards and individual medals.

Team All-Star medals will be awarded to the high point individual from each team.

All-Tournament team plaques for the top 8 individuals based on points scored at the Froshmore Championship. The All-tournament team spans all size divisions.